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BLAZE BAYLEY is a singer/songwriter born 29th May 1963 in Birmingham, England. Having started his professional music career in WOLFSBANE in 1984, his career elevated to global heights when he joined IRON MAIDEN with whom he released two albums and toured worldwide between 1994 and 1999.
After leaving Iron Maiden, Blaze embarked on a solo career, during which he has released 9 albums up to 2017 and has enjoyed an enviable reputation as one of the hardest working artists touring worldwide. His 2016/2017 European touring has covered approximately 160 shows, plus tours in Canada & Latin America.
Blaze tours with the full force of metal with Chris Appleton, Martin McNee and Karl Schramm from British metal band Absolva, but also performs as an acoustic artist flanked by the highly talented Thomas Zwijsen. The acoustic setlist includes unique arrangements of Iron Maiden classics plus songs from Blaze’s solo catalogue.
Thomas Zwijsen is best known for his arrangements of famous rock and metal songs for Classical/Spanish guitar. He has the ability to play vocal melodies, guitar licks, chords, baselines and even drum parts at the same time. His first solo album was ‘Nylon Maiden’ containing 11 arrangements of Iron Maiden songs, with Blaze Bayley featured as special guest on ‘The Clansman’. Thomas has worked closely with Blaze ever since, including the acoustic album ‘Russian Holiday’ and acoustic elements on both ‘Infinite Entanglement’ albums so far.

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