GNOME (Belgien) w/ RUFF MAJIK (Südafrika)
Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2024, 06:00pm
Aufrufe : 88




Belgium's hardest rocking creatures, Gnome, are back with their majestic second outing,King. After the success of 2018 debut Father of Time, demonstrating their talent for stacking riffs like lego blocks, and conquering stages across Europe with their shin-kicking live sets, the power trio from Antwerp raise the bar for their second album, sounding bigger, catchier and heavier, with more room for vocals (including special guest Oskar Logi from The Vintage Caravan) but never losing sight of the quest for the golden riff.
This silly looking, greasy smelling, small but heavy three-headed being packs a bigger punch than their name suggests: combining sing-along hooks, wall-of-sound guitars, booming drums and thundering bass with adventurous rhythmic twists they brew their unique and ultimately satisfying potion of sludge, prog and stonerrock.

Ruff Majik is a fuzz juggernaut. a fuckin’ rot ‘n roll hot-rod.
Hide your wife (and your Husband too).

Hailing from Pretoria, South Africa, the band Ruff Majik is a violent mixture of heavy, fuzzy and freaky sounds. You'll find yourself listening to garage rock with a sludgy southern swagger and hints of stoner rock, grinding to a halt every now and then with soul crushing doom riffs, or hitting a pop opera crescendo - this band does whatever the fuck they want. Their live performance is an explosion that will leave you saying things like: "How'd he get up there?", "Well that's not safe!", "Did he just chug a beer whilst grinding a monitor and playing a bass solo?", "What did you say? I think I've gone deaf!"
Death to false music. All hail The Majik.


VVK: 20 € (zzgl. Geb.)
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