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APE SHIFTER features guitarist Jeff Aug. Born on Friday the 13th in Washington, D.C. and raised in Laurel, Maryland, Jeff Aug is a cool underground guitarist who lives at the foothills of the Alps in Southern Germany for the last 18 years.  He has toured with Allan Holdsworth, Soft Machine, Johnny A., Albert Lee, and has performed shows with Jawbox, Shudder To Think, and Ice-T & Bodycount with his old band.  He's worked with John Stabb from Government Issue, has been touring and recording with Anne Clark for the last 10+ years, and has been touring as a solo guitarist for the last 20+ years.  Jeff can also be heard on the Atari Teenage Riot album “Is This Hyperreal?” (Dim Mak Records / Digital Hardcore Records).  He has also set the world record for the "most concerts performed in different countries in 24 hours" twice (2009, 2012).

Chris Haskett is best known for his 10 years as guitarist with the mighty Rollins Band. But his resume is much more diverse than many people know and includes session or collaborative with work with Iggy Pop, Jah Wobble, Steven Brown (Tuxedomoon), The Cassandra Complex, Foetus and David Bowie just to name a few. Following a path similar to the one Jeff Beck took in the 1970s, Chris Haskett has expanded his guitar horizons into the realms of funk, jazz and pure improvisation, while keeping his roots firmly in his hard rock background. Experimenting with a broad expanse of instrumental music that touches Sun Ra and Sonny Sharrock at one end to Vernon Reid, Montrose, and the Grateful Dead at the other, Haskett avoids the cliches of the rock guitar idiom. Solid rock music with a funky groove and a cutting edge.
Chris Haskett´s Amplified Ambitions are:
Chris Haskett - guitar
Collin van Gerven - bass
Ton Maassen - percussion
Johan Jansen - drums








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